Divine Health, LLC - Lori M. Serra, ND       Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy
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Health Center of the Future!
Monday         12 PM - 7 PM
Tuesday         9 AM - 7 PM
Wednesday   12 PM - 7 PM
Thursday       9 AM - 1 PM

Lori M. Serra, N.D.
Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy
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We offer:
  • Clinically Designed Program for each client
  • Cellular Healing and Detoxification
  • Whole Food Supplements/Herbal products
  • Consultations available online         (via Skype) or by telephone
  • Coaching on Food Intake for a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Holistic Approach to Naturally Restore Health to the Body
  • Body Fat Analysis/Hydration on the cellular level
  • Health Analysis via Heart Rate Variable
  • Visual Contrast Sensitivity Analysis (VCS)
  • Nutrition Response Testing - Advanced Graduate 2009

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New Jersey Location:
Hunterdon Hills Plaza - North Tower
1390 US Route 22 West, Suite #204
Lebanon, NJ  08833
(908) 236-8042 Lebanon office
Iowa Location:
Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Riverview Business Center
409 N. 4th Street
Burlington, IA  52601
(319) 371-8431 phone number
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